How to document your load

1. Connect to the system

Loader logs in the Android Camera using an ID and password

2. Identify the load you are loading

The load is selected - By selecting the load from a prepared list of loads to ship - By entering the load number and adding it to the list to ship - By scanning a roll barcode using your Android camera

3. Take pictures

Start loading rolls and taking pictures of what you want to document. This can include car condition, roll placement / position, roll condition, risers, dunnage and so on. Anything that might be of concern to the receiver.

4. Proof of your good loading practices

Secure the load and take pictures of the dunnage, straps, etc. You should show the air pressure in the airbags. Wait the required time and take another picture of airbag pressure to demonstrate there is no air leakage.

5. Manage load media

Loader can delete any bad pictures before uploading the load information. Loader can type in notes, record verbal notes, or make a video of comments about the load.

6. Synchronize with server

Alternatively the loader can identify another load and start loading without uploading. The system will store many loads. At the end of the shift or whenever convenient, the loader goes to a Wi-Fi zone and uploads media (pictures and notes).